WL//WH Track Of The Day: EL GLUM “Hoy no será”

Track/Video Of The Day  EL GLUM

Guadalajara, Mexico based dreamgaze solo project by the guitarist of the alternative rock band Aurum, Eduardo Vela, AKA EL GLUM, returns, after almost two years, with a highly captivating new single “Hoy no será”.

The tune deftly blends moody, angst-ridden shoegaze and wistful hazily atmospheric dream-pop, swept by a moving heartfelt stream of somber sentiments, rocked with equal parts intensity and abandon, the whole heightened by a stunning and evocative guitar work.

A stream of consciousness exposes lonely fear, isolating claustrophobia, and denial of self in a relationship.

“Hoy no será” sways on punchy drum beats and a deep winding bassline penetrated by reverb-strewn shimmering layers of sharp and intense guitar melodies that sprawl, between icily dazzling, stargazing synth surges, in both anxious and impassioned enveloping emotive energy, hazy melancholic spiral and boundless isolated solitude, whilst soul-stirring, sparkling, emotional 6-string slivers lull and chime somberly with sad, dreamy male vocals and sparse layered ethereal echoes, floating airily in a breathless breeze of lonely carefree wishes.

The retro video footage, originally produced by Sid Davis, uses clips from a Skateboard Safety Film found in the Prelinger Archives to compile a carefree visual stream of consciousness swept in cool stunts and vintage sports gear.

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