WL//WH Track Of The Day: EL GLUM “Fuera”

Track Of The Day El Glum

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, EL GLUM is the solo project of Eduardo Vela, the guitarist of alternative rock band Aurum, with a debut 4-track EP, aptly titled “Uno”, to his name last June.

Seamlessly melding ’90s influenced dashes of shimmering shoegaze reverberations and atmospheric, lulling dream pop with energetic rhythms, mesmerizing synth and blurred vocals, El Glum has just dropped his new single “Fuera”.

Reverb-infused swirling circular guitar melodies pervaded by sombre, clear and spacious synth washes, and chilling atmospherics, underlie by propulsive and droning rhythms, coalesce in blissful harmony punctuated by effortless hazy muted vocals and wistful psych-charged guitar leads snaking on top beautifully restrained and bristling with bittersweet emotions and magnified intensity.

Despite not being anything groundbreaking, “Flora” shows a distinct knack for crafting immersive and intoxicating dreamy soundscapes and a strong sense of melody, another step forward in the right direction.