WL//WH Track Of The Day : DYADON “Falling”


Dyadon is a brand new duo from Melbourne, Australia, “influenced by European cold wave and inspired by the Leeds post punk scene of the early 80s”, fresh from sharing their debut 2-track single “Falling / Shelter”.

“Falling” deals with heartache, love and loss. Repetitive drum kicks and ominous ambient droning synths start to build foundations of fear and anxiety. The bass notes at first sparse and resonant become rumbling and propulsive, justapoxed with increansingly urgent sharp mournful pearcing guitar lines and pounding slashing drum beats spiraling downward in a sea of disappointment, embodied by submerged, quivering, desperate pleads of pain, anger and regret for an hopeless love gone unrequited.
The accompained Joy Division-esque “Shelter”, driven by a prominent throbbing bassline adds further gloom and doom to the recipe making for an overall promising debut. Be on the lookout for more and improved good things from these ‘paisley’ post-punkers in the new year.
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