WL//WH Track Of The Day: DUSKEN HARMONY “Bitten by Weakness”


Dusken Harmony is an 80s-inspired atmospheric dark electronic solo project from Belarus that fuses elements of New Wave, Darkwave, and Post-punk to concoct a brooding, gloomy and ghostly synth-heavy journey into the shadows of self where the boundaries between dream and reality, between imagination and nightmare blur.

After last March’s, equally fresh and nostalgic, promising 3-track debut EP “The Last Star”, Dusken Harmony has dropped the new single “Bitten by Weakness”, a song “about my decision to face my fears, even though the chances of success are low”.

Mechanically propelled by a stark hard-hitting drum machine along with sneakingly murky oscillating low ends, to create a relentless hypnotic throbbing backdrop on which emotive shifting synth layers of desolate bulging buzzing laments with intensely glacial dramatic sweeps, vibrate and resonate in unison with deeply haunted, plaintive baritones, moaning and suffering whilst successfully facing fear.

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