WL//WH Track (Video) Of The Day: DUNKELWALD”Ruinas”

Track Of The Day  DUNKELWALD

The solo project, with a stark Teutonic name, Dunkelwald (Black Forest), created by Madrid based musician Marco Torremocha, winds seamlessly in the wake of the 80s-inspired Coldwave, New Wave, Post-Punk and Darkwave to the present day. Compulsive and tight rhythms, dense menacing bass undulations, icy synths, above all, the evocative forlorn vocalizations steeped in anger and melancholy, the Spanish artist navigates in familiar waters, mainly electronic, at times decorated with organic instrumentation, bass and guitar, with good personality as revealed in last October’s debut EP, “Vaho”.

A desperate search for lost love leads to disconnected dreams left crumbled in the ruins of regret and obsession depicts, lyric-wise, the new single, “Ruinas”, a sombre pulsating electronic-charged Darkwave ride for dances wrapped in darkness as the lights fade away.

Driving urgent and thudding snare beats, interweaving tightly together with droning low ends, and sparse blasts of percussive hits, throbbing with relentless mechanical pace, whilst the smoothly bleak vibrations of an organically snaking bassline and soaring whining synth flashes, create a suffering dramatic backdrop to the agonized, and gravelly vocals, longing in the hopeless depths of angst, denial and remorse.

The soul-stirring video, created by SUEÑ, alternates gritty, person-less black and white urban street footage with colorful, cosmic, morphing computer-generated realms to shift the mind’s eye of reality into a hybrid existence.

The new single “Ruinas”, with the chugging synth-laden bonus track “Control feat. Phillip Stark” on the flip, is taken from the upcoming debut album, “Waldrauch”, scheduled for May 2022.

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