WL//WH Track Of The Day: DROWN “Roses”

Track Of The Day  DROWN

Noise and melody collide and blend in Drown‘s passionate guitar-laden sound with a haunting and mesmerizing combination of shoegaze, grunge, noise rock and post-rock, throbbing with intense 90s rock vibes.

Drown is a solo project/labor of love, entirely self-produced, recorded, and mixed, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with just three single under his belt in as many years of activity.

The latest immersive tune “Roses” marks a significant improvement in the young Canadian‘s songwriting quality with a seductive blend of MBV and Alice In Chains.

Tirelessly off-tempo, sludgy drums along a seething, grumbling bassline charge vibrating strummed guitar strings, dripping with glistening enveloping reverb, that alternate with flowing layers of abrasive distorted riffs, whilst emotional, drawn-out male vocals and sparse feather-light back-ups, long and brood in a wishless daze of temptation, deception, and shame to fall dangerously close to a hellish ignorant bliss.

As in the case of the recent other Dallas‘ soloist, Seizure Sister, a noteworthy ability to swing effortlessly from energetic sharpening riffing to atmospheric introspective textures always infused with sad melody, more lost and melancholic the former, murkier and doomy the latter.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another year for the 4th single.

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