WL//WH Track Of The Day: DRAMATIC SHAPES “In the Other”


Chicago based atmospheric post-punk duo Dramatic Shapes, made of sibling Ronnie Appert (vocals, guitar, synth) and Theodore Appert (Drums, bass, synth, vocals), keep on enticing me weaving hypnotic, cold and introspective morose aural narratives drowning in strong melancholy, deep reflective shades and pits of despair, recalling the immaculate nuances of the ’80s bands I’m fondest of such as early New order, Fra Lippo Lippi, For Against and Sad Lovers And Giants, The Durutti Column and so on.

The crystalline and immersive new single, “In the Other”, lyrically seethe and capture a sludgy stream of disjointed consciousness into an angsty, isolated sea of lonely fear.

Precise and mechanical beats along with the crispy double snap from sparse claps, are permeated with the constant undulating back and forth pulsations of a wistful, round bassline, gently pricked by jangly lilting and glistening guitar melodies, swept in gossamer airy icy sheets of stargazing synth strings with dreamily impalpable edges, twirling somberly around narcotic, mumble, and effected vocals floating weightless through intoxicated swells of anaesthetized pain.

Outwardly bittersweet, the pair delivers a tune of poignant intimacy and sheer quality, that melt you away thoroughly.

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