WL//WH Track Of The Day: DOSPHERE “The Simplest Hope”

Track Of The Day Dosphere

Popped up last week on Soundcloud, demonstrating the thriving Colombian alternative music scene, the Bogotà based enigmatic and obscure electronic duo, Dosphere, born out from the collaborative endeavours ‘of love, forgiveness and liberation’ by Marisol Ayala & Juan Sebastian Casas.

Combining brooding and atmospheric darkwave with ominous danceable, sometimes warped, thumping and hypnotic electronica, the pair have dropped their debut 6-track Self/Titled EP on Chintamani Musik.

Enchants right away the opening tune “The Simplest Hope”, whose sensual, equally soothing and detached, female voice reminds me of Erika Gómez from compatriot pair Postmodernism Forms, even if the two bands have a different sonic approach, more sinister and twisted the former, deep with surrealistic pop undertones the latter.

The lyrics reveal life’s lesson of self-discovery begins with stillness, forgiveness, and letting go of control.

Mysterious, desolate buzzing low end fluctuates ceaselessly surmounted by glaring wriggling synth swirls coming from icy parallel dimensions, punctuated by thudding and scattered, at times crisp and resounding rhythm patterns, to build mesmeric yet poignant expansive moods of contemplative awareness, looming and descending on emotional, passionate male vocals releasing pent up pain into a joint male/female choral hum of catharsis.