WL//WH Track of The Day : Dose “Furniture”

Track of The Day

Newcastle’s Dose announced their debut singles onto 7” as a Double A-Side. The record will include Furniture with unreleased track Opaque, slated to release on April 27 by the German A Turntable Friends Records and earlier on February 9 they let out Furniture in digital format. A very good song which is mounted on alternative rock musings with certain shoegaze fills by the band’s excellent guitar-work. And there’s more, drummer plays steady, bass as the expected-as the hint and the vocals placed there like both the singer and the narrator, brilliant! Furniture is an inspired song which hides catchy riffing, a very good arrangement and a precise sound in the mix, and I’m looking forward to their first long play. For now, press play!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike