WL//WH Track Of The Day: DORIAN’S STEAMING SHADOW “Hold On to Me​”


Blending Post-punk moodiness with echo-laden guitar work, reminiscent of early U2 or Bunnymen, clad in gothic auras, the Polish four-piece newcomer from Białystok, Dorian’s Steaming Shadow tease their upcoming debut LP album with a double single “Hold On to Me​/​Embrace and Tame”.

 “Hold On to Me​” deals, lyric-wise, with a tormented soul who is stuck in the agonizing push and pull emotions, triggered by fear of abandonment trauma.

Driven by urgent and vibrant drumming, lacerating guitar riffs cut through a murky haze fueled by the implacable resonant throbs of a menacing broody bassline, wandering and agonizing, both restlessly discordant and edgy, amid an excruciating tremolo-laden snare roll interlude, to emotionally echo the intense dramatic vocal interplay between husky baritone agony and haunted angsty cries.

Less dramatic and more haunting, “Embrace and Tame” conjures up a distorted and heart-rending introspection and smoky slow-burning Cave-esque vibes, with a deeply emotive visceral vocal delivery.

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