WL//WH Track Of The Day : DOLLKRAUT “Du Fetisch (Feat. De Ambassade)”

Track Of The Day  Dollkraut

I was already excited from the snippets from Dollkraut‘s “Fetish” EP and now is the day of the fully released, as 2-track 10inch vinyl, from the always impressive Rotterdam’s Pinkman/Charlois label camp.

Dutch analog synth wizard Pascal Pinkert a.k.a. Dollkraut is famous for his knack of building dark and gloomy soundscapes inspired by the art movies of the ’60s,’ 70s and ’80s : sci-fi, horror, spy stories, between hypnotic synth and cinematic atmospheres.

This time instead the inspiration is fetish and its imaginary, master and servant, obsessive love, lust, worship…

The first track significantly titled “Du Fetisch” ‘features’ his other 80’s influenced gritty darkwave side project De Ambassade could be also appealing to fans of minimal wave and post-punk.

Subtle, yet gritty and exposed, it’s driven by whip sounding, tight and repetitive beats, and throbbing bass. Laying the foundation of bleak, hypnotic, unsettling and stark atmosphere powered by obsessive vocals and icy, dour and melancholy Kraftwerkian synth melodies exuding sadness, longing, desire and compulsion.

Once again Pascal Pinkert/Dollkraut proves to be a truly master of his craft.

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Exclusively available at the Pinkman Record store