WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIVING BELLS “The End is Built into the Beginning”


Diving Bells is an Irish Shoegaze group based in Dublin that made itself known around 2013 for a remarkable first EP that deftly blended sizzling and ringing walls of sound a la My Bloody Valentine and minimalistic yet powerful noise rock a la Sonic Youth, all laced with an understated melodic flair along a sluggish and indolent J Mascis-like vocal delivery.

After three singles in a row at the end of 2020 in which early 90s US alternative rock and, less blaring, noise-pop leanings took prominence, the band hibernated once again, to pop up last week with the brand new single “The End is Built into the Beginning.”

Introspective lyrics ponder life’s patterns through a cyclical, apocalyptic lens of destiny to evoke feelings of fear, regret, and hopelessness.

Drifting fuzzed-out guitar layers of bracing jingling distortion shade and buzz over the syncopated rattling of a bouncy rhythm section, swelling to the edge of discordance toward high blowing lonesome wails over sad, angsty vocals, to urgently release ominous distress into loud swarming mists of disintegrating time.

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