WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIVE AND DROWN “Weightless”

Track Of The Day  DIVE AND DROWN 

First single of the year for dive and drown, the one-man Alternative Rock band from Central France led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Laurent Guerrier (Liquid Sphere, SedCo, DIGIT, A Screw), the 4th release so far including an EP and a couple of singles since mid-2021.

Pulling sonic elements from a heap of influences from Post-Punk, Shoegaze. Indie Rock and Post-Rock, The Cure, Ride, Mogwai come straight to mind, Laurent himself is also a refined radio selector moreover, dive and drown crafts an equally dense and rarefied atmospheric guitar-laden sound, poised between mesmeric droning introspective trance and dizzying chord-charging emotive melodic blaze, darkened by magnetic gloomy post-punk basslines, and a mostly drowned and clouded voice, definitely not at once catchy, but which demands the commitment of thorough listening to relish and be immersed in its most imperceptible harmonic and timbric 6-string variations, to be definitively enraptured.

Dismal and solemn, “Weightless”, stirs stumbling and plodding drum beats to underpin a dour reiteration of intensely gritty guitar heaps, interlaced with a bleak bassline, that palpitates and sways, steeped in bittersweet sadness, around lost, suffering slightly unfathomable yet affecting husky vocals, falling “weightless” into encircling shivering flourishes of glowing reverb, rife with melancholy and pain.

Urgent rhythms, sparkling wistful guitar melodies along with dazzling and swirling echoing loops for the equally captivating Post-Rock strewn instrumental flip.

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