WL//WH Track Of The Day: DISAPPEARER “Endless Summer”


Disappearer is a new bedroom solo project from the German part of Switzerland, namely Winterthur, by a musician, with his band Ruined, to be more straightforward and use loud sounds amid Punk and Emo. The two tracks from his debut Self-Titled single, certainly don’t lack “emo” in terms of emotion, exploring a moody Wave / Post-punk, overflowing with dark melancholy and fraught with intimate sorrow, scented with hazy reverb-laden shoegaze mists, especially in the buzzy Curesque “Nothing Left”.

From a fear perspective, a haunted person spends an “Endless Summer” worrying that another does not reciprocate their undying love.

Reminiscent of the reflective tones of The Chameleons, “Endless Summer” elicits an emotional weaving of harrowing ringing guitar lines, underpinned by churning bass pulsations and steady drum beats, insistently somberly weeping, to fall hopelessly arpeggiated around light layered heartfelt vocals, longing in aching anxiety betwixt anticipation and doom.

The “first attempt at something more post-punk / whatever-wave” from the Swiss musician is fully deserved, overall, not being a one-off affair.

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