WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIONYSUS “Blue Swan”

Track Of The Day  DIONYSUS

Hailing from a tangle of Sidney/Eora-based bands revolving around Urge Records, namely Carnations, Gyrate, and Optic Nerve, come last the 4-piece group Dionysus, comprised of Annabelle Silk and Joel Nevile both from Optic Nerve, along with Gift Exchange members Jamie Krausmann (also of Gyrate) and Madison Scott (of Concrete Lawn) with a 5-track debut EP, “Theatre of Dionysus”, whose first foretaste, titled  “Blue Swan”, erupts with Xmal Deutschland/Banshees-like, Goth-streaked Dark Post-punk brilliance injected with an ominous undercurrent of Deathrock punch, haunted by theatrical vocalizations that scream with a tone halfway between anger and desperation.

“Blue Swan” unleashes galloping headlong drumming, throbbing along with thrumming basslines, to fuel a vibrant rambunctious rush of menacing droning guitar riffs, poignant strains, weeping spiky churns and glacial eerie organ shrills, to underscore magnetic and powerful vocals, releasing elongated breaths of howling warrior cries into an urgent tide of “Blue Swan” turbulence.

Dionysus‘ first EP, “Theatre of Dionysus”, is slated for release, in Cassette Tape & Digital formats, on January 3, 2024, via Urge Records.

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Photo: @sophiejoyceart