WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIONNYSUSS “Fangs”

Track Of The Day  DIONNYSUSS

Active for about a year, Dionnysuss is a solo project from Tashkent, Uzbekistan “exploring Darkwave, Coldwave and modernized Post-punk”, which delivers a lush, immersive, and deeply atmospheric shadowy and icy sound, at times sadly danceable, with a decidedly cinematic feel, imbued with languid melancholy, soft and enveloping, as well as ominous and subtly disturbing, recalling somehow Mareux‘s seductive moodiness.

The new single, “Fangs”, laced with poetic lyrics that long in an aching hunger for a lost “Immortal Love”, is driven by steady hypnotic drum beats laced with murky buzzing undulating basslines, throbbing endlessly along an indissoluble night, permeated by a profound despairing desire, feeding on darkness, lit by a ghostly and eerie backdrop of desolate glaring synth swirls and glittering edgy spirals, to immerse himself in the solitary grief of lovelorn baritone broods, streaked by a distressing and torn charm, languishing in desperate breathes of twisted passion.

The (slowed + reverb) version on the flip provides an even more simmering, ominous and untamed dip into the pitch-black pool of an unabated anguish.

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