WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIAMOND IS FOREVER “Connection”

Track Of The Day Diamond Is Forever

Unfortunately, it doesn’t often happen to receive exciting suggestions, as in the case of the instantly enticing debut single, “Connection”, from a young Swedish trio based out of Gothenburg, formed only in January 2019, when longtime friends Albert Pietra and Emil Aspegren, in tune with their common passion for the, mainly UK, post-punk and new wave of the early ’80s combined with the indie rock of the ’90s, started to develop a clearer vision on how their band should have sounded. With the subsequent precious addition of Albert Lorenz on guitar and synths, to infuse richness and depth, along with a couple of performances over the local live circuit, Diamond Is Forever definitely took shape.

As intimate and enveloping as it is vigorous and passionate, the band’s distinctive and refined take on post-punk, shrouded in a dark and emotive atmosphere of familiar charm, breathes of heartfelt energy and powerful emotional thrusts, pulsing and vibrating relentlessly like a troubled heart.

“Connection” strikes the fine balance between dark and bright, edgy and introspective.
Unremitting repetitive mechanical drumbeats intertwine with a hypnotically dense winding bassline that throbs ominously below a gripping overflow of endearing and electrifying guitar work, shifting seamlessly from sparse bursts of glowing, chiming melodies and stuttering grating counterpoint to abrasively sharp, piercing riffs in a vibrant ebb and flow of building tension and release of pent-up aching emotions, embued by soulfully sad vocals quickly glide to impassioned, bitterly angry blames, highlighted by surging resonant glassy weeping synths, nestled in an urgent relief of pain.

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Photo: @sebastian.vh.kok