WL//WH Track Of The Day: DEVOTED SINNERS “Talk”


Devoted Sinners, the one-man music project of Nicholas Dagger, seemingly from Ireland, first approach to gothic-dark rock tropes a la Sisters Of Mercy, is thick with vibrant passion and despairing oppressive intensity, enshrouded in disheartened seething darkness and poignant morbid magnetism suspended somewhere between past and present.

The debut single, “Talk”, is beautifully adorned by intimate confessional lyrics that expose the torn, shame-filled feelings of a shattered soul whose lover is only interested in carnal desire and secrecy.

Hard-hitting mechanised beats pound their way amidst ominous grumbling bassline undulations, striated by effect-filled searing forlorn guitar strains, bursting out in insistent vibrating and penetrating distorted riffs along with deep shivering, rowdy baritone vocals, forcing shocked restrained breaths of pain and anger through a relentless surge of devastating betrayal.

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