WL//WH Track Of The Day : DESOLATION YEARS “Worlds Apart”

Track Of The Day  Desolation Years

Popped up last week on Bandcamp with a four-track self-titled EP, Desolation Years is the  moniker of a low profile duo of ‘synthesizer evangelists’ based in Berlin, delving deep into dark, icy and distressing synth-laden soundscapes sharpened by haunting vocals, melding elements of darkwave, synth wave, coldwave and post-punk with subtle industrial undertones.
The most immersive and depressing of the lot is “Worlds Apart”. Deep gloomily atmospheric spacious synth patterns underlie by hypnotic kicks and taut snares shift into deep cycling bass line starts throbbing through, with growing intensity and grim resonance, awash by floating, searing dramatic synth lines embuing a daunting sense of emptiness and gloom as achingly dismal baritone vocals weighted with loss and loneliness explore the profound and burdensome sadness and darkness that envelops each of us as we drift through it even though in a committed relationship.
Brilliant debut overall, write this name down, we are going to hear a lot more about them anytime soon…
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