WL//WH Track Of The Day: DESOLATION YEARS “Nights Illusion”

Track Of The Day Desolation Years

We came across last year the striking debut self/titled four-tracker from the ‘misantropic’ dark synth duo based in Berlin, Desolation Years, walking the fine line of darkwave, synth wave, coldwave and post-punk with subtle industrial undertones.

The still strictly elusive pair have just dropped the new single “Nights Illusion”, that, if not as much immediate, is another beguiling sample of their enveloping and uncanny ’80s-tinged synth-laden sound.

Ominous off-kilter pulsating bassline rumbles and meanders under lush dazzling, chiming synth melodies and expanse frozen eerie drifts, laced with hypnotic dynamic snare drums, ooze their way into an obscure sensual and alluring ambiance of mystery and desire, pushing the boundaries between fantasy and reality, as deep haunted quivering male vocals, dripping fear and shame, haloed in the echoed deceptive refrains, ” Nights Illusion”, into dark soaring lusty atmospherics of lost hope.

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