WL//WH Track Of The Day: DENEVÉR “Los Perros” [PLUTO Sound]

Track Of The Day denevér

At their debut self-titled EP, the Chilean/Hungarian duo based in Budapest, denevér deliver a stripped-down, energetic and impetuous, at the same time thrilling and emotive, take on Post-punk, that while clearly familiar, brims effortlessly with heartfelt passion and bitter melancholy.

Three gloomy and evocative songs that scratch with wiry punk intensity, through propulsive drum machines, rippling forlorn baselines and fevered scorching guitars heightened by shapeshifting defiant to dreamy vocals laced with youthful vigour, without ever losing sight of the moody melody, able to grip from start to finish.

Halfway from the frenzied and menacing jagged edge of the opening track, “Heavy Sticks”, graced by a mesmerizing guitar work, and the nostalgic and confidential tones of “Best Times”, swept first by wistful bright synth flashes, the poetic and emotionally charged “El Perro” describes the freedom, carnality, and ferocity of dogs through the lens of natural instincts.

Vibrating within shadows and lights, hypnotic syncopated rhythms drive meandering bleak bass lines, snakingly intertwining with reverb-strewn, sharp, ringing guitar riffs and heartbreaking spiky sweeps, chiming with urgent and resonant aching melancholy over angsty somber vocals clouded in profound pain and restless danger.

Denevér‘s debut self-titled EP is out now on PLUTO Sound.

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