WL//WH Track Of The Day: DEMOKRATIE “The Lookout (Seyhan III)”


DEMOKRATIE, the AngloGerman cinematic soundtrack-focused band, formed in 2020, comprised of experienced musicians James Knights (KNIGHT$, Scarlet Soho, Boytronic) from Winchester and Manfred Thomaser (!distain, Arsine Tibé, The Independent Seasons) from Munich, have dropped “The Lookout (Seyhan III)”, the follow-up of their well-received debut single “Ice Fall”, both included in the upcoming first album “Perform & Consume”.

Reverberating the rich, elegant, vaguely symphonic, lush synthesizers of Midge Ure’s period Ultravox, albeit without the decadent hue, the duo, through a harmonic balance of chill synthetic instrumentation and warm vocalizations, depict epic and immersive imaginary soundtracks for misty and inspirational visions drawn from nature as metaphors of the troubled human soul.

Over a swaying bed of echoed hollow chimes and soft percussions, melancholic enveloping bright synth melodies, nostalgically lead back in time to savour familiar emotions lingering in the memory and then relive with fluctuating restrained pulsing energy and awareness, in a passionate airy swelling flow together with deep aching and heartfelt male vocals, that rise and fall with fear and acceptance, punctuated by wistful tinkling piano notes, dripping upbeat, hopeful lyrics of love, resilience, and faith into the natural flow of a stormy sea.

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Photo by Patrick Galster