WL//WH Track Of The Day: DELIRIUM “Затерянные / Lost” (feat. POVOD)

Track Of The Day  DELIRIUM (feat. Povod)  

Poignant collaborative springtime single, “Затерянные / Lost”, written and composed by two promising young post-punk bands from Ukraine, Delirium based in Slovyansk, and, not new over here, Povod in Zaporizhia, more darkwave the former, with shoegaze and noise leanings the latter.

Both outfits are part of a new independent label, based in Kyiv, called элек///чество.

A tense and vibrant dismal dark post-punk number, laced with heartfelt and poetic lyrics explores the boundless and cloaking gloomy night of the soul, brimming with suffering and dreary passion, at the same time lacerating and unyielding.

Ominously lashing, off-tempo drum machine tightly drives a hallucinated dance imbued in a stark martial pace of relentless greyness, steadily harrowed by bleak bassline pulsations, whilst lustrous guitars weave shimmery threads of sorrow illuminating the inner numb darkness of dismal melodramatic baritone, dripping male stoicism around pained quivering female emotions, in a beautifully tragic interplay of stifling fear, hopeless regret, and thick melancholy.

Not to be missed for lovers of the most emotional ridden ‘Soviet’ style post-punk.

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