WL//WH Track Of The Day: DEEP DOWN WISE “Out Of Sight”

Track Of The Day  DEEP DOWN WISE

Deep Down Wise is a Miami, Florida based dark electronic music project, comprised of Alvys H. and Alisa E., with a fair amount of singles under their belt since their inception at the start of last year, the latter of which is the brand new “Out Of Sight”.

Delving into the most atmospheric and introspective, yet danceable shadows of the ’80s gothy darkwave and post-punk, the duo craft a sullen, moody and melancholic synth wave, with keen melodic sensibilities, coated in grey-tinged black, as the ashy colour shades of the cloudy sky on a gloomy autumn day.

“Out Of Sight”, laced with rebellious lyrics that describe a night of secrecy, adventure, and illusion caused by the anger burning in another’s eyes, is propelled by steady lashing snare beats and humming low ends, ceaselessly pierced by a shimmering jerky string of early Cure-like wistful guitar lines, awash by lush breezy synth weaves and hazy echoing atmospherics, building in brooding and pulsing intensity to an achingly flashing sheen, whilst distant haunted baritone vocals alternate disenchanted truths with light airy emotional breathes of euphoric dreams to fly mercurial through an intoxicating maze of fear.

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