WL//WH Track Of The Day : DEATHTRIPPERS “Alive”


Having “Disintegrate-d” us with a highly-addictive punky psych-garage belter around a couple of years back, Leeds, UK based 4-piece Deathtrippers , masterminded by frontman Sasha Raoul, are back with the visceral urgency and goth-tinged striking sonic energy of “Alive”, included in CD compilation “Singles, Wires and Amplifiers” via Next Phase Normal Recordings.

Dragged steadily by vigorously hissing gusts of wind, an obscure and gripping adrenaline rush of sturdy pounding drums and a bleakly meandering bassline creep relentlessly into the disquieting dread of the dim darkness, lit by shimmering guitar melodies that chime, both dauntless and menacing, over the warm and alluring heartfelt Sasha’s charismatic vocalizations, alternate with an energetic impassioned chorus, enraptured in swirling electric bliss radiating electrifying sparks of a straightforward dark post-punk ride.

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Photo by Stella Wembley