Track Of The Day Death Loves Veronica

The darkwave project of Los Angeles born writer, filmmaker (both known as Ronnie Stich), singer/songwriter and musician Veronica Campbell, based out of San Antonio, Texas, under the moniker Death Loves Veronica, adds subdued old-school industrial abrasive vibes and spine-tingling murky electro vibrations to the distinctive moody synth-scaped cold realms, enriched by her seductive and deeply emotive vocalizations, in the brand new single “Lies”, part of the “Chemical” album that is planned for release this winter. 

Tinny droning reverberations cram cinematic voice samples, building paranoia with dire, helpless screams, whilst steadily punchy beats, interspersed by dry echoing claps, trigger pressure and discipline to driving and sprawling analogue bassline that ceaselessly pulse, rumble and oscillate, swept by dramatic forsaken swathes of frozen synth, in sync with angry, vicious, cutting female vocals, releasing tension and fear into the lurking deceptive danger inundated with ‘lies’.

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