WL//WH Track Of The Day: DEAD RITUALS “Prisoners”


Since 2019, Naples based Italian musician, composer and vocalist Andrea Caccese, under the moniker Dead Rituals, chases enthralling and refreshing guitar-driven vibrant emotions, through a couple of albums and a bunch of singles, rich of a heady rock canvas meshing diverse dreamy and noisy sonic threads.

Even the band’s latest song, “Prisoners”, is no exception, pooling sparkling The Cure-like 6-string refractions, atmospheric hazy shoegaze textures and edgy indie rock energy, peppered with bittersweet melodic immediacy.

Confessional lyrics point fingers at others’ mistakes to release personal blame for the tragedy of a broken romance.

“Prisoners” bubbles and flows like a stream of cool water led by urgent, snappy rhythms along with punchy bass pulsations, coloured by bewitching gleams of reverb-filled guitar lines, that glisten vibrantly around heartfelt vocals, releasing angsty regret and shame, intertwined by emotive male and female harmonies, into a relentless flow of overwhelming guilt to swell over a dark boisterous riff-led ominous climax.

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by @johnkelseyphoto