WL//WH Track Of The Day : DEAD HUSBANDS ‘Healthy Boy’

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Boston/New York‘s electronic duo Dead Husbands have the tremendous skill to handle their wide palette of dark electronic sounds, influenced by the industrial, synthpop, new wave, coldwave, disco, always succeeding to find the perfect balance in a minimal and organic way.

‘Healthy Boy’, taken from their new vinyl 12″ EP ‘Renaissance’, out now on Idol Patterns label, sees them paying tribute to the early days of Italo disco, once again naturally joining the dots between their futurist personal blend of dark ebm-tinged techno and Moroderian synths.

Infectious propulsive electro synth beats, orchestral strings and Italo-like vocoder-ized female vocals, readily command your attention and will make you dance ‘from here to eternity’.

Check out this summer’s video of ‘Healthy Boy’ below :

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