WL//WH Track Of The Day: DAYFLOWER “Crush”

 WL//WH Track Of The Day  DAYFLOWER

Dayflower, the Leicester, UK-based fine crafters of lush and gleaming sweet-gazing atmospheric pop, namely Alex Clemence & David Dhonau, return with the new single, “Crush”, featuring singer-songwriter Martha Bean on guest vocals and the refined textural and rhythmic intricacy from veteran electronic /production maestro Mark Van Hoen (aka Locust) whose résumé includes collaborations with members of Slowdive, Seefeel and Lush (Scala, Autocreation).

An enchanting sense of comedown lifts the bittersweet and heartwarming “Crush”, through a mesmerizing sinuous sway of gentle guitar strums, glistening emotive melodies, glowing fluttering resonances and warm ethereal swelling pads, to envelope blissful nostalgic layered vocals of calm heartfelt broods and high-pitched angst, against a palpitating backdrop of subtly knocking and splashy shifting percussive patterns, and low-end burbles, to conjure a cheery high dream state of alienating awareness, whilst dancing with grace caressed by a steamy lightness.

Dayflower’s forthcoming album, “Comfort”, is slated for release, via Chicago-based independent label Sunday Records, later in 2024.

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