WL//WH Track Of The Day: DAY DISGUISE “Follow”

Track Of The Day  Day Disguise

A bunch of talented young bands, walking the line between shoegaze and dream pop with some dash of post-punk, are growing up in the last years in Houston, Texas: Angel Aura, Daze, Astragal, Shallow, Since Always. Now we can add also Day Disguise, the solo project by Daniel Gaona, who has just reached his second single “Follow”, following last June’s excellent post-punk-tinged shoegazey debut “Black Sea”.
Delving into ethereal, murky and dreamy early ’80s 4AD territories, equally familiar yet timeless, “Follow” glides smoothly into dense nebulous and shimmering maze of unceasingly repetitious and ecstatic crystalline guitar melodies twisting incessantly, grounded by taut and obsessive syncopated beats and snares, deep sinuously pulsing meandering bassline and subtle breezy washes of synth, over drowned detached vocals weighted with lonely broken emptiness, organically mingle together in building a mesmeric yet achingly immersive somber emotional ambience wrapping senses and relentlessly drawing in.
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