WL//WH Track Of The Day: DAS NOIR “A Whisper (feat. Leo Skiadas)”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  DAS NOIR  

First collaboration between two stalwarts of the Athenian underground music scene, bonded over their mutual love for the most decadent and melancholic dark sounds of the 80s Post-Punk-New Wave heyday.

The Australia-native Nick Divas relocated to his Greek roots in the early 80s, played in a fair amount of groups such as Distorted Image, Soho 6, Starblind, and The Moon In June, to finally start his experimental one-man band Das Noir in 2019, whilst the slightly younger Leo Skiadas is a renowned dark alternative club (head of the seemingly already legendary Athens’ Death Disco club)/radio DJ and concert promoter since the early ’90s, as well as being the mastermind behind his own Cold Wave project Cinemascope.

Written, performed and recorded by Das Noir, the crepuscular, stripped-down yet elegant “A Whisper” harmonizes seamlessly in goth-tinged caressing spirals of autumnal-hued heady gloom with Skiadas‘ silky enveloping confessional croons of intense emotional vulnerability, brooding in the aftermath of a betrayal whilst hoping for a brighter day.

Hopelessly wistful strings of tinkling and rolling keyboard keys fatally stab the vibrating pulse of a humming bass, drawing the broody melodic line along with a chugging metronomic drum machine, whilst gleaming synths, imbue of solemn drama, swell despairingly atop smoothly aching romantic vocal longing, shrouded in dramatic baritone chorus, dropping doubt and fear into a melancholic daydream.

In reality,  the second song that features guest vocals, after last April’s “Silent Day II” with Sotiris Dimopoulos (Visions From Cold Poems), once again Das Noir vibrates and stirs our deepest emotional chords with basic minor key charm.

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