WL//WH Track Of The Day: DAS KELZER “Light Gray”

Track Of The Day  DAS KELZER  

Focused on delivering raw, taut, powerful, and dark sounds since 2016, Colombian Darkwave / Post-punk duo Das Kelzer, made of Ali Said (voice and guitar) and Mauricio Darko (synthesizers, sampler and drum programming), along with the EBM-inflected side projects Human 80 and Dire Forze, are defined by a strong bent for the Teutonic language, that perfectly fits with the stark and obscure boundless monochromatic jamming sessions, soaked in shades, effects, noises and reverbs, that occur in the secretive caves of their Nevel Records Studios.

The duo have dropped at the end of last week the single “Light Grey”, lyric-wise, a confession of isolation and sadness at the hands of intense self-hatred.

A tense fidgety and forlorn exploration of barren and gloomy soul scapes and spectral dances, propelled by cold slashing snares, along with relentless sinuously ascending bleak basslines, pierced by incessant repetitive bleeding guitar strains, to etch chilly glimmers in the murky darkness, encompassing airless gravelly distorted vocals, dropping suffering and pain into a frigid haunted chasm of alienating dread.

An act perhaps unfairly too undervalued, which hardly disappoints those inclined to a certain type of obscure sound.

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