WL//WH Track Of The Day: DAODA “Eternal”

Track Of The Day DAODA

Although not the most prolific, Philadelphia-based one-man band Daoda (also a Beatmaker as Palm Lines) has, for about nine years, occasionally churned out extremely captivating tunes of distinctive nostalgic melodic quality, seamlessly as dynamic and noisy, as they are introspective and haunted, made of pulsating and urgent rhythms, sinuous bleak low ends, underneath an obsessive riot of reverb-laden shimmering guitars and, at times, warm keyboard washes, in glittering emotional-filled alchemy of elements drawing from Indie-Rock, Dreampop, Shoegaze and Post-punk, shrouded in sentimental, hazy, sun-dazzled summery breezes, that could easily sit amongst the 2010s Captured Tracks catalogue.

Lyric-wise a contemplative confession of fear, angst, and longing for an unstable relationship, the new single “Eternal” makes no exception, fueled by feverish rhythms to underpin a throbbing slather of jangly guitar shimmers, fluttering into a chiming gauze of rousingly melodious uplifting and elegiac heartache, embodied by aching, lovelorn vocals, dripping poignant, agonizing cries of endless melancholy into a relentless cycle of searing and cutting hopeless anxiety.

A familiar yet highly endearing song sound that keeps you relentlessly hooked, stay tune for more.

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