WL//WH Track Of The Day: DANZA MUERTA “Danza Muerta”

Track Of The Day  DANZA MUERTA

Active since the second part of 2023, Danza Muerta is an enigmatic solo Darkwave project based in Houston, Texas by way of Mexico City, which delivers gloomy, dusky and ritual electronic dances, permeated by a sense of anticipation and doom, fueled by profound and dramatic horror storytelling.

Introduced by the sepulchral resonance of organic bass tones and rattling echoes, the eponymous last single unleashes steady lashing drum beats laced with sparse tribal percussions and bouncy electro basslines, encompassed by dim spectral foreboding synth swirls, compelling a solemn and ceremonial dance macabre, imbued with ominous baritone spoken words, observing a group of soulless persons, conspiring together, ritualistically, to inflict pain and suffering on others.

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