WL//WH Track Of The Day: DANCING STRANGERS “Passion”

Track Of The Day  Dancing Strangers

Mexican post-punk duo from Tijuana, DANCING STRANGERS, made up of Richard Rex and Eric Curiel, return after about four years of absence, the first of the two EPs released so far dates back to 2010, announcing their self/titled debut album, engineered by The Obsolete (of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete), due out on July 11, 2021, via Brussels’ independent label Red Maze Records.

The band has shared the first preview, “Passion”, imbued in energetic late 70s/early 80s electro-wave that makes the reiterated and mesmerizing obsessiveness of crisp, insistent, monotone sequenced industrial-tinged rhythms and swirling synths, that repeat in trance-like loops, along with vibrating noisy guitars, its hallmark, with slight hints of The Neon Judgement and Fad Gadget, apparently departing from the art-rock and kraut leanings from their early days.

A skipping tinkling synth arpeggio intermittently surges with obsessively glowing, flashing chords, amidst vigorously relentless steady dry beats, interspersed by rolling thudding percussive inserts, thickened by an inexorable smearing of droning low ends, abrasive unceasing distortion and swathes of sparkling guitar riffs amid layered brazen male vocals spiraling hypnotically through an electronic maze of sexy daydreams and unfilled passions.

A welcome return, that intrigues for what to come.