WL//WH Track Of The Day: DANCE OFF YOUR DEMONS “Faith”

Track Of The Day Dance Off Your Demons

With an excellent debut single in 2017 and an uncertain EP the following year under its belt, Dance Off Your Demons is the New York-based post-punk (and beyond) solo project of singer-songwriter James Mailer, recently back with a new single entitled “Faith”.

A turbid, visionary, noir-ish slab of lo-fi electro-darkwave, “Faith” is propelled by unceasingly ominous pulsing sequenced bassline along with unstoppable, gravelly-texture, juggernaut beats that proceed magnetically, interspersed by resounding cowbells and hypnotic drum patterns, through dream and reality, life and death, relief and pain into the dense dreary darkness of the soul pierced by flashes of mesmeric and eerie blinky synth, as subdued, disturbed, stream-of-consciousness-like vocals echo, morph and drone into a spinning decay of self-doubt.

An absolute compelling return for the New York’s artist that in the right remixing hands could be also a potential goth-club floor-filler.

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