WL//WH Track Of The Day : DAME BONNET “Adore”

Track Of The Day

I’ve recently listened to echoes of The Cure on an everyday basis, surely the most influential band of recent years.

Elusive Berlin-based new wave/post-punk collective Dame Bonnet is not shy to openly declare its inspirations “The Cure early years and the synth wave world of Cold Cave”.

After a song, titled “New Romance”, on last June Ombra International sampler along our favourite The Postmodernism Forms, the band just released their debut EP “Thoughtful Hits” on 4-track cassette / 2 track 5″ vinyl sample. 

Dealing with the duality between despair and hope, both musically and lyrically, cheerily weeping synth swells underlie “Adore”, relentlessly driven throughout by melody-carrying pulsing bass lines soon interspersed by reverbed guitar chords, and backed by repetitive neat beats, building a growing sense of tension and unease. Subtly emotional and anxious vocals, underlined by soaring piercing guitar leads, dwell, engulfed by dreams and fears, on the possibilities that a chance encounter lie ahead. 

Likewise atmospheric, gloomy and melancholic three tracks make for an intriguing debut.

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