WL//WH Track Of The Day: CUT WIRE “Just Passing Through”

Track Of The Day CUT WIRE  

Melbourne-based four-piece synth band Cut Wire debuted exactly 3 years ago with a compelling and rather distinctive, hypnotic and atmospheric track, titled Waste My Life, dissonant and ethereal at the same time, compared by some to the Trip-Hop of Portishead or ‘a spaceship piloted by Ian Curtis’, I would add early 4AD and the retro-futurism of Broadcast, Pram or Stereolab, not really immediate to pinpoint though, and that is always a good thing.

Cut Wire return with a two-track single, “JPT / WATS”, defined by a captivating, minimal, and languid dimly lit Synth-laden Wave sound ala Tempers, enhanced by the foursome’s usual heady mesmerizing phantasmagoria of esoteric male/female vocal harmonies.

“Just Passing Through” is led by the briskly danceable, OMD-tinged, snappy snares of a drum machine, woven with rubbery humming basslines, bounce and thump endlessly, topped by lonely and uncanny chiming synth glimmers and dim glares, to encircle a spellbinding brooding and ghostly vocal multi-layering of lost wandering, haunted angsty, menacing echoes, and heavy spoken word, with wafting and droning spirals of timeless yet hurried hues.

More downbeat, contemplative, and nostalgic the flip, “Warm as the Sun”, laced with a subtly eerie, ceremonial feel.

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