WL//WH Track Of The Day : CULT OF HAZE ‘Snow Like Ashes’

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It sounds like old times recently, when we had few informations about an artist or a band and we could just give free rein to our imagination, not always a bad thing though.

This morning popped up a new coldwave / darkwave band from Moscow, meaningfully called CULT OF HAZE, with their, I guess debut, full length ‘Snow Like Ashes’ and a clear statement : ‘no information/ no live shows/ only music’

But definitevely what interests us is essentially the music and the title track ‘Snow Like Ashes’ is a beguiling little gem set in an excellent album, propelled by mechanical beats and the classic persistent melodic post-punk bass lines, we so much adored, soon coated by an unearthly and soaring female vocals scratched by vicious and piercing guitar razor-slashes and waves of cold synth, an haunting and spell bounding atmosphere of sinister and hazy beauty that it is impossible to remain unfazed.

As the band affirmed ‘the cult begins here’, we’re already totally devoted.

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