WL//WH Track Of The Day: CRYSTALLINE STRICTURE “Feel right”

 WL//WH Track Of The Day  Crystalline Stricture

Fresh from the brilliant “astrological electro-pop” collaborative album with Andy Oppenheimer of early 80s pioneer act Oppenheimer Analysis via the safe hands of fellow TONN Recordings, the electronic musician based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has recently released some scattered singles, perhaps as a warm-up for the next album in the new year, such as the electrifying dancing-inducing, early New Order-tinged, sequencer-driven “Feel Right”.

Steady punching beats, punctuated by crunchy claps, are woven with urgent rippling sequencer lines unremittingly chugging and waving in and out, topped by buzzing and wheezing synth riffs swirling in unison with robotic yet angsty vocals releasing fear and doubt about how to feel and what to say, left ‘copying the Americans’ with a heady immersive edgy euphoria.

In a week stingy with new releases, it never hurts to warm up with the austere and minimalistic coldness of the familiar Crystalline Stricture’s heartfelt analog synth sound.

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