WL//WH Track Of The Day : CRUEL REFLECTIONS “26 (is so damn cold)”


We started and we are going to end the year with our favourite band of “Lonely People” Cruel Reflections 

Following their brilliant debut album“One Year”, San Fernando Valley, California based post-punk duo is back with a gloom-ridden, intense and captivating 3-track EP titled “Bonus Tracks”.

Imbued with themes of love, depression and isolation, “26 (is so damn cold)” is propelled forward, underpinned with taut and pounding drums, by the relentless heartbeats of bouncing and throbbing, irresistibly melodic, sinuous basslines into icy, wistful and desolate moods, nearly at odds with clear sparkling Johnny Marr-esque jangling and chiming guitar melodies, spelt out by numb, emotionally detached, baritone vocals left indifferent, with just profound feelings of disappointment and sadness, after the disintegration of a relationship. There’s nothing left to say “leave me, I’d rather be alone”.
The two additional tracks only go to confirm the band’s infectious, skilfully-crafted, 80’s British influenced post-punk laced with raw energy, sweeping passion and sombre emotions. Personally one of the most enjoyable findings of the year.
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