WL//WH Track Of The Day : CRUDEZ “To Be Alive”

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The belligerant, raw, primitive and provocative punk from Instanbul based Turkish 4-piece Crudez, made up of Gizem Xaocy (Vocals), Can Charged (Guitars), Güney Yakar (Bass) and Murat T. (Drums), just occasionally projected on the speed and blind fury ‘close to’ hardcore, is inclined instead towards an more complex and melodic yet powerful sound, kindred, in spirit and form, to the first UK wave of 1977.

“To Be Alive”, one of the first two previews from the forthcoming new album “Jungle Jeopardy” due to be released on January 31, 2019 via Oslo’s Byllepest Distro and Label, blends fast, jarring and invigorating punk with ominous death post-punk in a splendid array of vibes and emotions reminiscent of old days, with an abundance of urgent and genuine strength and angst that suit our dystopian times. Fueled by scything yet bleak buzzsaw guitar riffs galore, boosted by punchy bass and unrelentness fast paced drums, the beautiful angry voice, reminds me of the unforgettable charisma and intensity of Legal Weapon’s Kat Arthur, struggling with depression and isolation too serious to handle, chants and rants, “one way to be alive, too many ways to die”, in a sad dramatic lament of hopeless desperation.

Visceral and challenging dark punk that got right into your stomach, your bowels, your soul…

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artwork by Gizem Xaocy