WL//WH Track Of The Day: CROWS “Hangman”

Just popped up on Soundcloud yesterday, “Murder” is the debut 3-track EP by an initially mysterious ‘minimal wave’ duo from California, called CROWS.
Actually, from how it could be deduced from the tone of the distinctive forlorn voice and the opening song of the same name, is the side-project from Fresno‘s darkwavers Alone In My Room, also featured here not long ago.

A dark synth-laden sound, as much atmospheric as disturbing, as it is immersive and drearily impassioned, not really minimal in my opinion, seemingly exploring dim cold wave territories.

“Hangman” is the tragic tale of lost identity, as a man horrifically realizes he’s a numb, cold walking corpse since his job as hangman has stripped him of his human connection and feelings.

Unremitting droning, rumbling and throbbing bassline promptly flanked by eerie whirls of scrambled high-pitched wandering and dazzling, wind instrument-like sounding, synths, backed by scattered kicks and nimble snares, build a claustrophobic state of inescapable fear and repulsion imbued by sad tormented, distressed vocals, longing and wailing over the shell of a man that takes the lives of others without blinking an eye.