WL//WH Track Of The Day: CROW BLACK DREAM “Ma nem / Not Today”

Track Of The Day  Crow Black Dream

Drawing its name from the lyrics of The Cure song “Burn”, included on the original soundtrack of the infamous 1994 movie “The Crow”, set on Halloween night and starring Brandon Lee, “Every night I burn / Dream the crow black dream”, the Hungarian solo act from the historical town of Székesfehérvár delivers a minimal, austere and oppressively dismal 80s inspired Darkwave sound, built on Post-punk bass vibrations, swirling frigid trance-inducing synths, effect-laden poignant echoing guitars, and prominent tormented lead vocals, that engulf the lister in an uncanny, alienating yet seductive goth-infused dimension.

One of the two tracks recently featured at Bandcamp, but you will find three more on the band’s YouTube channel, “Ma nem / Not Today”, delves into heady lyrics that wander in and out of a repetitious grey haze to emerge, albeit briefly, into a sunny new day.

A stark surgical drum machine propels along earnest bleak throbbing and murmuring basslines, veiled by desolate liquid icy synth floats, as compulsive mournful piercing guitar strains chime hypnotically around haunted distorted baritone broods, dropping restless breathes of doom and gloom amid pain-tinged emotional cries to open an expanding horizon of cold, desperate hope.

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