WL//WH Track Of The Day : CRIME OF PASSING ‘Dancing Prick’

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A hint of a few minutes ago from my trusted ‘music dealer’, thanks again KK for it, straight to track of the day, here is a brand new track from CRIME OF PASSING, a coldwave / post-punk trio from Cincinnati, Ohio

‘Dancing Prick’ is the title track of their debut three-track EP, they just released a good demo song last year, out now, on a very limited cassette run, through Wasted Tapes.

Surely their influences are all there, first of all the Robert Smith-like vocals, but the excellence of their songwriting crafted with blinking jangling guitars, poignant wraparound synths, melodic infectious bass lines and the surprising dissonant sax at the end, liken it to many post punk timeless classics.

The other two excellent songs hopefully should boost the band’s profile even higher, for now our Sunday of bleak delight is guaranteed.


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