WL//WH Track Of The Day: COSMOBRY “Espiral”

Track Of The Day COSMOBRY

Mexican solo project of Bryan Moreno, under the moniker of Cosmobry, crafts an esoteric, nostalgic and shimmering Guitar-Pop that winds amidst lights and shadows and beneath starlit skies, along the lines between Dream Pop, Post-punk, Indie Rock, and Shoegaze, at times scattered with splashes of Psychedelia and, as in a previous couple of singles, washes of Synth Wave / Pop.

Although familiar, as it is easy to guess, we love it very much nevertheless, yet equally compelling, is a fluid and instinctive, as well as sensorial and emotive sound, rife with lush, reverb-drenched, wistful melodic flair.

Uplifting lyrics explore the metaphysical realm of the “Espiral” where destiny, divinity, and dreams wait to be unencrypted.

Blending elements of The Cure, DIIV, The Chameleons, and The Drums, “Espiral” is built on liquid, edgy yet sparkling melodic phrasing of the guitars that ring in the foreground, underpinned by meandering and grumbling moody post-punkish bass lines along with racing spattering rhythms, waxing and waning in an intricate mesmerizing riot of obsessive chimes and teeming cascades of shivering resonant arpeggios atop urgent heartfelt vocals, rising with hopeful harmonies of beauty and awe to fall breathlessly into twinkling perceptions of endless visions.

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