WL//WH Track Of The Day: CORDIALE (feat. Allison) “The Letter”

Track Of The Day CORDIALE (feat. Allison) 

Talking about Naples, it’s difficult not to think about the pitch-black ‘dark wave’ spirit of underground groups such as Geometric Vision, Ash Code, Hapax and Dark Door, for years now well known beyond the Italian borders.

On this fervent and somehow contagious wake, it fits the enigmatic synthwave project Cordiale, who has just debuted with the EP “The Wrong Side”.

Four obscure, gloomy, funereal yet atmospheric synth-driven tracks, saturated with a goth-tinged dark romanticism and a nostalgic sense of paining melancholy, somehow inspired by the atmosphere of cult Italian horror movie soundtracks from the 70s, Fabio Frizzi and Giuliano Sorgini come to mind first, and by the 80s UK post-punk, some hints of Clan Of Xymox’s “Medusa” era in the previous single and the title track, the most darkwave and rhythmically throbbing song of the lot.

The touching and introspective “The Letter”, that reminds me the timeless quality of the music of Deus Faust, elicits mysterious murky shadows of distant times that creep and meander with subdued cinematic tension through eerie tinkling arpeggios, forlorn piano notes, forsaken icy synth chords, droning undulating bassline, underlined by scattered hypnotic rhythms, to give rise to desolate and mournful feelings of bitter retrospection and disillusionment, embodied by disconnected, sore male vocals, intensified by sparse haunted ghostly female echoes, tremoring anxiety into the bleeding dissatisfaction of past mistakes.

Creepy black and white visuals, created by L. Kleem, blend vintage Hollywood movie clips’ epic struggle with swampy time-lapsed graveyard haunts and heartfelt emotional outbursts, to shift time and dimension into the unexplored realms of the murky sea.

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