WL//WH Track Of The Day: CONCORDE “Pale Dancers Cross The Vale”

Track Of The Day  Concorde

The elusive analog synth solo project of J. Meindlhumer from Linz, Austria, under Concorde moniker, seemingly expanded to a trio on stage, had already released a couple of EPs in the previous two years wavering between minimal atmospheric coldwave and mesmeric ambient, experimentation and accessibility, with erratic results.

Concorde has dropped last week the 2-track single “Pale Dancers (Demo)”.

The enigmatic and sinuous opening track, “Pale Dancers Cross The Vale”, delivers his best effort so far, recalling familiar synthpop melodies, imbued with pangs of lingering nostalgia and murky charm, veiled by a roaming and pulsating light haze of neo-romantic ghosts and brooding waves of sullen melancholy.

Relentlessly propelled by pounding snare beats, bouncing forsaken bassline warble back and forth surrounded by desolate icy synth drifts, punctuated by eerie flickering glazed chords, sprawling and soaring with epic desolation in sync with alluring morose male vocals crooning his way through the sticky intense drama of a trembling baritone, dropping anxious longings and ancient omens into a blurry, mysterious horizon.