WL//WH Track Of The Day: COMFORT CURE “Hands Of Stone”

Track Of The Day  COMFORT CURE

Detroit, Michigan based act, previously known as Feral Body, return as a solo project, with a new single, “Hands Of Stone”, that stripped away its punchy body music grit, while maintaining its disquieting atmospheric and highly danceable quality, embracing hypnotic, bright, and minimal synth-laden pop builds fueled by a pulsing and scratchy rhythm section.

forsaken airy synth chords wafting in repetitive wave-like enveloping bright cycles hover on a turbulent sinister background of steady lashing snare beats along with ominous dragging and droning bassline, chugging back and forth to pull broad smothering tension and anxious melancholy around distressed layered male vocals unleashing vigorous echoed shouts to build depth defying feelings of claustrophobic fear.

Definitely my relentless synth obsession from last weekend, would be interesting some remix treatments.

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