WL//WH Track Of The Day: Сома ‘Солнечный свет / Sunlight’

Track Of The Day Сома

I remember the promising debut album from a couple of years ago by Kyiv, Ukraine based post-punk group Сома [somygram] and above all a couple of strangely good-quality amateur live videos, unfortunately only available on VK, pretty kickass.

Well, the band is back, after a ‘creative hiatus’, at the start of the week with a line-up reduced to a duo and their sophomore full-length titled “Сюжеты Детства / Childhood Plots”.

If the drum machine has taken over the drums and the sound is richer and more elegant, the impetus of instrumental freshness and energetic intensity has remained unchanged in the name of a poignant and hypnotic post-punk, with a deep dismal melodic sensibility, and sharp dynamics in the interweaving between the instruments.

Secrets, lies, and alienation cause a man, shamed into secrecy and submission, to be consumed by his anger and passion. 

A sparkling and compelling outcry, “Sunlight” is bolstered by repetitive lashing beats along with deep bleak bouncing bassline awash by spacious humming glassy synths, topped by shimmering and searing guitar embroidery that needle, chime, and riff laced simmering somber emotional intensity over anxiously angry, caustic vocals consumed by betrayal and longing demand justice.

Pounding rhythms, blazing guitars, turbulent vocalizations, unrestrained passion, and sheer angst, it truly is post-punk goodness to take in.

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